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Lush Salon Amenities

Exceeding Your Expectations

Spacious/Oversized Rooms
Natural Lighting
Styling Station with Mirror
Styling Chair
Shampoo Backwash Station
Professionally Painted Suite in the color chosen by You
Free installation of Chandelier provided by the stylist
Maintenance Technician
24-7-365 Access to Secure Location
Security Camera Coverage for All Common Areas
Professional Cleaning Service for All Common Areas
Satellite Music for All Common Areas
Stylist Break-room
Professional Linen Service
All Utilities Provided, including Wi-Fi 
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My Story

Being a stylist for 20+ years, I have worked in salons what feels like my entire life.  I have "donated" 50% of my income and even more of my time to these salons with no control of my schedule (jamming clients in unexpectedly), while feeling under appreciated and overwhelmed because someone else was in charge of my day/in charge of my schedule.  I now work in a studio suite and I love that I can control my days, have time to "treat" my clients, give myself time to clean my space, eat, and do all the things that working in a salon didn’t give me time for previously.  I Love that I can make my own schedule and I don’t have to ask permission to take time off to enjoy a deserved vacation or long lunch with a friend.  Like all stylists, I look around and wish certain things were still different:

My biggest “complaint/wish” now is: I wish I had more space in my suite and I wish my clients had more room to be comfortable while they wait.  Unfortunately, neither of these are going to happen with a franchise-salon.  They care more about every dollar they can earn per square foot and not at all about our clients comfort or our own.  This is what inspired the idea for Lush Salon Luxury Suites.  We want You and Your Clients to be comfortable and not crammed into a corner or a hallway like a ……….

Lush Salons will be offering very Spacious Suites built to accommodate this need with a Modern-Industrial look, while giving you the freedom to add your Own Flare and Character, coupled with an abundance of natural lighting so you can see your hair creation without compromise.  


Control Your Schedule

Control Your life

You need an amazing, luxurious space to take your Business to the next level. Lush Salons Luxury Suites can help your Passion become everything that you could Dream it to be. Join our family and take control of your Dreams. Contact us for leasing and business opportunities.

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2353 Concord Lake Road, Concord, NC  28025